daycare and holiday care in the middle of the city

We are Amsterdam's first dog hangout. Hotdoghouse is a doggy daycare, boutique holiday stay and independent training platform, all in one. We fuse the comfort & safety of a daycare with the spirit of a community. We operate from a welfare-focused dog perspective.

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supervised by exprienced dog training


adjusted to the personal needs of your four-legged companion


welfare focused dog perspective


adjusted to the personal needs of your four-legged companion

  • become part of our dog loving community

  • small scale holiday stays & daycare

  • Private playground
    in the middle
    of the city

  • nicest dog trainers in town!

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wanna be the coolest dog in town?

We know the life of a city dog can be hectic. That's why we have created a hangout: to give you playdates, walks, social, chill time and grooming.

What makes our members club special are the shared values of the community. A local culture surrounding the love of our four-legged companions.

We’d love to welcome you in our community! Play in the 2000m2 fenced dogpark while your owners gets educated about behaviour. All of our services are flexibly bookable through the app.

what we offer
  • important houserules

    • To maintain a safe space; we operate on a 'card system'. If a dog misbehaves, they receive a 'yellow card' as their initial warning, followed by a time-out and behavioral guidance. If the same behavior repeats, they will be designated as a "Cheeky Dog" (pink card!) from that point forward. This program allows a max of 2 dogs with more supervision a day. Does it get better? Your dog will go back to regular daycare (card free). However, if the issue recurs, we will unfortunately have to exclude them temporarily. But don't worry, we're here to help you find alternative solutions for your furry friend's safety (like consultations, training, walking services, or individual pet sitting)
    • We strongly encourage fixed days (based on subscriptions) as we see significant benefits for individual dogs and their well-being.
    • Although we loooove dog with some balls - the maximum capacity for unneutered male dogs has been reached. Please note that we are no longer accepting unneutered males.
    • On weekdays: drop-off between 8.00 - 9.00 & pick-up between 17.00 - 18.00. Please wear a name tag on your pretty pink member collar.
    • Please don't be late for pick-up. We leave 18.00 and will leave your dog in the pick-up crate so you can pick your dog up in your own time. We'll always check-in and you'll get the code of the lock!
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  • Safety first!

    We maintain a safe space by confirming each applicant does a social test. We strongly recommend you to take a good peek at the fine print in our terms and conditions, so you're well aware of your own responsibilities and risks as a dog owner.

    Terms & conditions 

why we think we're special?

Next to our daycare program Hotdoghouse is an independent platform dogtrainers & experts outside of the daycare. Looking for (puppy) training? Consultation? We'll connect you with the best trainers in town.


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